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Vita Glow Skin Whitening and Anti Acne Soap

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  • It's natural with sandalwood oil
  • Gives white bright inner glow
  • Reduce acne pimples and discolouration
  • Advance skin nourishment

Vita glow Skin Whitening and anti acne Soap Full of gentleand effective whitener soap that combines the effect of its oxidizing agents tomake the skin look younger and brighter its glutathione formula very smootherand fairer. Make routine use your daily bath dr James soap it’s contentbiodegradable with natural ingredients, micronutrients as vitamins and minerals,proteins, soya oil, etc. it also comes with fragrances created out of natural.The used formula and ingredients are of high quality and active content istotally avoided like animal fat, which can cause pores to form clogs in theskin.

Country ofOrigin: USA


Daily Bath

For BetterResult Take along with Glutathione

Consult yourDoctor for Better Understanding your Glutathione Condition


Not SuitableFor:

Allergy tovitamin (any kind).

** The resultdepends on individual metabolism