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Relumins 3500mg Advance Glutathione 5 Sessions Injection

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  • Relumins Booster 30 Capsules 1 Bottle
  • Glutathione Powder 5 Vials of 3000 mg
  • Vitamin C 5 Ampoules of 500 mg
  • Glutathione for Skin Whitening has Been Shown To Be Safe and Effective in Numerous Clinical Studies
  • Contains 3000mg of Reduced L-Glutathione per vial
  • more than any other Sterile Formula
  • Contains 500mg of Vitamin C Which Has Been shown to aid in whitening and naturally Firm and rejuvenate Skin
  • RELUMINS ADVANCED by Relumins Labs
  • USA is the Most Sought After Brand of Glutathione and is the only brand to be registered with the FDA
  • Relumins is the only high dose glutathione with detailed analytical testing to assure the highest level of quality and safety
  • Relumins with Gluta boosters is up to 3X more effective than other formulas
  • Raises the body endogenous of Glutathione In between each treatment
  • the booster helps maintain a steady level of Glutathione for optimal results
  • Keep at room temp & avoid direct sunlight
  • Expiry July 2023

Regardless of age and gender people desire soft plump skin that will spotless. The Relumins 3500mg Advanced Glutathione 5 Sessions Skin Whitening Injection has the power to reduce the melanin in the skin and make the skin spotless. Relumins is one of the best spa and Skin Fairness injection products that earned trust all over the world. It has a high amount of L-Glutathione along with vitamin C that helps to restore a good texture of your skin. The effectiveness of Glutathione has approved by the pathologists in the USA. The Relumins 1400mg comes with 30 Booster capsules and each capsule contains 750mg of L-Glutathione with other Ingredients.

The Relumins 3500mg Advanced Glutathione Injection is one of the leading skincare injections on the market today, and the SKin Whitening Injection is the latest in its line. This product contains a unique combination of ingredients, which has been shown to be highly effective at removing years of dead skin cells and restoring a healthier, younger-looking complexion. Here we are going to take a look at this great product in more detail. Relumins injection is very effective at treating blemishes and other blemished areas of the skin, and it also contains ingredients that can be used together in order to increase the effect of the other ingredients, making it much more effective than other types of blemish treatment products on the market. We'll look at some of these ingredients here and see what they do for your skin.

Relumins Glutathione injection is one of the most important ingredients in this type of product because it is the main ingredient in the mixture that stimulates the skin's production of collagen. It also acts as a key antioxidant, protecting your skin from damage caused by the free radicals produced by the damaging UV rays of the sun. This type of Skin Whitening Injection is different from most in that it doesn't contain any form of a drying agent such as petrolatum or mineral oil. It also has no fragrances and does not use any form of preservatives, such as parabens. All of these ingredients are known to contribute to the premature aging of the skin & also includes other special ingredients, including amount per serv & L Glutathione. These ingredients stimulate new skin cell growth and provide much-needed nutrients to those damaged cells, giving them a much-needed boost and helping to rejuvenate the skin.

We hope that this article has provided you with information regarding the unique qualities of this Skin Whitening Injection, as well as giving you a few reasons why this product is considered to be one of the best available. There are many more natural ingredients that have proven very effective at removing years of unhealthy skin from our skin, and we would like to share these with you in our site. We can see that relumins skin whitening inject is very effective at helping to make your skin appear clearer and healthier. The only thing left is for you to decide whether or not you want to try out a product like this for yourself!

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  • ·   The Glutathione injection nourishes the skin and makes the skin firm.
  • ·   Fairness injection helps to remove dark spots and scars from the skin.
  • ·  The Fast whitening injection boosts the collagen production that will help to retain the elasticity of the skin
  • ·  It minimizes the size of the pores on the skin and prevents acne.
  • · The skin lightening injection works as an anti-aging product by reducing the fine lines and hides the signs of aging.

Recommended dosage: It must be taken as per the dosage prescribed by the dermatologist.

Precaution: One must consult with a dermatologist before taking the injection.

Method: Reconstitute the solution in the powder vial with 100ml-500ml of Saline for injection by means of a syringe with an appropriate needle through IV

Remove the seal of the vial and wipe closures with disinfectant, then insert the needle of the syringe in the vial through the center of the rubber closure and direct the flow of water toward the glass wall of the vial. Gently shake to ensure the complete solubilization, then administer the solution thus obtained by slow intravenous route.


No cases of overdosage have been reported in the literature. The only side effect of high dose glutathione is the Whitening Effect.

Made in Origin Country: USA

Recommended Dosage:

Intravenous IV Infusion (Drip) Once a week.

For better result contact your Doctor

Not Suitable For:

- Breast feeder.

- Allergy to vitamin (any kind).

- Pregnant woman

- Patient with cardiovascular problem

** The result depends on individual metabolism

What's the variation within a milligram (mg), microgram (mcg), and an International Unit (IU)? While the metric order, 

1000 milligrams (mg) is a unit of volume equal to 1 gram 

1000 micrograms (mcg) is equal to 1 milligram (mg)

1 IU is the organic equivalent of 0.025 mcg 

Cholecalciferol or Ergocalciferol.