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Herbal Weight Gain Formula Capsules for Men

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  • Ingredients:
  • Withania somnifera (Indian Ginseng) Aswagandha 400mg
  • Embella ribes extract (Vidanga) 100mg
  • Emblica officinalis (Amla) 100mg
  • Terminalia chebula extract (Haritaki) 100mg
  • Terminalia bellerica extract (Bahera) 100mg
  • Foenuculum vulgare extract (Fennel /Saunf) 100mg
  • Piper longunm extract (Pippali) 50mg
  • Cyminum cuminum extract (Jeerak) 50mg
  • Other: Vegetarian Capsule Shell Cellulose Fumed Silica Food Grade.

 Herbal Weight Gain capsules Men help you to achieve Who want a great body? The Weight Gain Capsules are enriched in nutrition and this is the reason one needs to take the capsules. The people who are suffering from underweight they will find the supplement fruitful. The weight gain tablets will help the people to build a stronger muscle and this is the reason one needs to opt for the supplement. The weight gain pills will help to add the extra mass without adding the extra fat to the body. If one desires for a good shape the supplement will be the perfect option as it has all the essential nutrients that will help to support the body by providing adequate energy. 


•The weight gain capsules will add mass to the muscles that will help to build a stronger muscle.

•The weight gainer will help to keep the digestive system properly functional so that one develops the appetite for healthy food. 

•The weight gain products will increase the muscle strength so that one can have stronger muscle. 

•The supplement will also provide strength to lead a healthy life. 

Recommended dosage: Daily 2 Capsules before 30 Minuts of Break Fast & Dinner. 

Precaution:The supplement is only for the adults, and one should not overdose it.