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Bio Rae Complexion 10 Glutathione Skin Whitening 4 Sessions Injection

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  • Glutathione 5000mg – 10ml x 4 vials
  • Ascorbic Acids 5000mg – 10ml x 4 ampoules
  • Alpha Lipoic Acids (ALA) 250mg – 5ml x 4 vials
  • Amino Acids 500mg – 5ml x 4 vials
  • Tranexamic Acids 500mg – 5ml x 4 ampoules
  • Embryo Stem Cell EXtract 50 000 I. U – 5ml x 4 ampoules
  • Ginkgo Biloba Extract (Ginkgoflavonglucoside) – 5ml x 4 ampoules
  • Cyanocobalamine (Vitamin B12) 2000mcg – 2ml x 4vampoules
  • Vitamin B Complex – 2ml x 4 ampoules
  • Selenium 0. 35mcg – 2ml x 4 ampoules
  • Keep at room temp & avoid from direct sunlight
  • Expiry December 2020

Bio Rae Complexion 10 glutathione Skin Whitening Injection

If you are looking to get the Bio Rae Complexion 10 glutathione Skin Whitening Injection 4 Sessions at a very affordable price then you have found imbms website. The process of getting rid of dark spots is relatively simple and you will not need expensive products that are designed for people who don't have fair skin. All you need is a good quality Bio Rae Complexion 10 glutathione Skin Whitening Injection that works to get rid of your acne marks. We will discuss some of the best Bio rae complexion Glutathione skin whitening injection on the imbms, including some of the more popular skin whitening injections such as those that use Glutathione.

You should always talk to your dermatologist first if you are considering having an in depth skin whitening treatment is done because they can offer you their opinion as to which treatment is best for you. Your skin doctor is probably going to be more educated and you may even find that they can recommend a certain skin whitening injection that will work the best for you. But remember, it is always better to start with a high-quality product than it is to spend too much on a low-end product. You may want to start off with something like a lightening gel or cream because these types of products are going to have the least side effects.

If you are interested in Bio Rae Complexion 10 Glutathione Injection 4 Sessions, you can find some very effective products on the market that can help whiten your skin dramatically. For example, Bio rae glutathione is a very popular name in this type of product because it does not contain any harmful chemicals that can harm you. There are other products such as those that contain the hormone Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This ingredient works by breaking down your skin's cells so that they can't produce as much melanin. While you may be able to get some lighter results from this treatment, most people are not going to see dramatic results until they have been using the treatment for several months.

Some of the best Bio rae skin whitening injection on the market will actually use ingredients to get rid of the blemishes from your skin. These products will contain ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, or tea tree oil. You may not experience the best results, but these types of skin whitening products can give you the results that you need. No matter what you are looking for, you can easily find the Bio Rae Complexion 10 Glutathione Skin Whitening  Injection 4 Sessions for you. By using a Bio rae complexion Glutathione skin whitening injection that is made from safe ingredients and has no side effects, you can see results within a couple of weeks.

Made in Origin Country: Korea

Recommended Dosage:

Intravenous IV Infusion (Drip) Once a week.

For better result contact your Doctor

Not Suitable For:

- Breast feeder.

- Allergy to vitamin (any kind).

- Pregnant woman

- Patient with cardiovascular problem

** The result depends on individual metabolism

What's the variation within a milligram (mg), microgram (mcg), and an International Unit (IU)? While the metric order, 

1000 milligrams (mg) is a unit of volume equal to 1 gram 

1000 micrograms (mcg) is equal to 1 milligram (mg)

1 IU is the organic equivalent of 0.025 mcg 

Cholecalciferol or Ergocalciferol.